Legal notice

I. Regarding the establishment of an Attorney – Client relationship:

Use of this website, the transmission of a fax, an e-mail or any other form of verbal request for information, do not establish ipso facto an Attorney – Client relationship, although they do remain in all cases strictly confidential.

Our Law Office maintains the right to refuse representing any prospective client, without further explanation.

II. Regarding the content of this webpage and its Copyright Protection.

Introductory Observations

The information on this site is subject to a disclaimer, a copyright notice and rules related to personal data protection.

In particular, this website includes information that is:

  • Of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
  • Not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • Sometimes linked to external sites over which the site owners have no control and for which can assume no responsibility;
  • Not specific and personalized legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult us directly).

General Observations

The present website (with the notable exception of all linked external websites) is owned and controlled by Spyros Antonelos, Lawyer attached to the Athens Bar Association, who is its sole owner, thus this website is maintained and used by the Spyros Antonelos Law Office, its associates and para-legal personnel. By accessing the present webpage, users explicitly give their consent to the application of Greek Law in all matters that may arise from its use, or/and in connection to its content. Accordingly, all communication between users and the Spyros Antonelos Law Office falls under the application of Greek Laws governing the Protection of Private Information (Legislative Decree 2472/1997 and all later amendments). Concurrently and indicatively, notice must also be made concerning the application of the provisions of the Greek Lawyer Code’s (Legislative Decree 3026/1954), when these are indeed applicable. Further notice must be made to all related and binding decisions of the Athens Bar Association, which perhaps may further regulate the relationship between the owner and the users of the present website.

At the same time, by using the present website, users agree that all matters arising from its content and its use shall fall exclusively within the jurisdictional ambit of the Athens Courts.

As a condition of using the present website, users also warrant their unreserved consent to the terms of this notice and undertake that they shall abstain from using the present website for any purpose that is either unlawful or prohibited by the terms and conditions of this notice.

The material posted within the present website has been added in “bona fide” and in the purposes of merely providing information to its users. The users should not rely, under any circumstances, on the information contained at this website. These do not constitute any kind of professional advice and are not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up - to - date.

The owner of the present webpage retains the right to make any alterations to its present form - including this legal notice - at any time and with no further notice.


All information in this website, including text, picture, sound, software or any other form of data, is protected by legal copyright and is the property of its owner. In any other case, information is posted only after the explicit consent of the copyright holder is received.

The users of the present website may search within its content and reproduce parts of it, either by printing them, or by downloading them in their hard-drive. Users may even distribute, to legal or physical entities, material from the present website provided that they do so purely for non-commercial, personal and informative reasons and with the further precondition that, in all above cases, clear indication is made to the copyright holder.

In regards to copyright protection and with the exception of the abovely stated, there is absolutely no other concession made or right transferred by the copyright holder, in this notice.

No Unlawful of Prohibited Use

As a condition of using the present website, users warrant their unreserved consent to refrain from using it for any purpose and with any manner that is either unlawful or prohibited by the terms and conditions of this notice.

External Links

At certain points in this website, links to external websites related to the subject matter at hand, will be provided. Notwithstanding the fact that the owner of this website has every intention of introducing users to sources of information, that they may consider useful in their own right, notice must be made of the following:

Neither the owner, nor the creator, nor the maintainer, nor any associate or employee of the Spyros Antonelos Law Office, at any case, exercised any control over these websites or are responsible for their content. It, therefore, must be stressed in advance, that the inclusion of links to these sites does not imply any endorsement of the material or any association with them. These websites are controlled, separately, by their own owners who solely bear responsibility for them. Our Law Office bears no responsibility for any damage caused to our site’s visitors by access or use of such links.

Gathering and Using of Personal Information

The owner of this webpage undertakes the responsibility to take all necessary measures in order to protect private information, which users may share through the use of this website.

Nevertheless, in the event that users choose to contact the Spyros Antonelos Law Office directly through this website, they must bear in mind that certain information might be required and subsequently stored; including name and company details, e-mail, subject of query or any other relevant information submitted that may prove useful in responding to their request. The above personal information will be utilized by the Spyros Antonelos Law Office, in the sole purpose of replying to each request. All communications shall remain strictly confidential, under all circumstances.

The full knowledge of the above information is deemed indispensable in order for the Spyros Antonellos Law Office to be able to respond in an altogether satisfactory manner to every request put forward and to meet the requirements of every individual potential client. For these purpose, the owner of this website retains the right to consult with all members and associates of the Spyros Antonelos Law Office, as well as carefully selected and trusted third parties, with the sole purpose of advancing the case at hand in best possible way.

Users, who seek to receive advice, acting on behalf of a third party and in order to do so intend to share his/hers personal information, must have unequivocally obtained the permission of that party in order to proceed.

Bearing that in mind, a user that shares personal information of a third party to the Spyros Antonelos Law Office without that third party’s prior consent is exclusively responsible for his/her action. Evidently, responsibility cannot be attributed to the unsuspecting and unwilling recipient of such information.

In the event, that certain users wish that none of the information shared is to be passed on to a third party, or, that their information shall not be archived, or, that no further contact shall take place under all circumstances he/she may explicitly state so in their communication to the Spyros Antonelos Law Office. Their wishes shall be respected, provided that they are compliant to Greek Law and regulations.

Regardless of specific issues, and under all circumstances, Greek Laws governing the Protection of Private Information (Legislative Decree 2472/1997) apply, to the relationship between the users of this website and its owner, as well as all relevant provisions of the Greek Lawyer Code (Legislative Decree 3026/1954).