Our Office provides a wide variety of Legal Services of excellence in the following Fields of Expertise:

Civil Law

  • Family Law
  • Goods and Land Sales
  • Negotiation and drafting of Civil Contracts
  • Lease Agreements and Litigation
  • Orders to Pay and Forced Execution proceedings

Labor Law

  • Labor disputes
  • Amicable settlement procedings

Public Procurement

  • Legal assistance provided to Contractors during Contract Execution
    (Contract interpretation and lawful execution, assistance in the payment of fee claims of Contractors)
  • Tenders for the award of public contracts

Administrative Law

  • Legal Objections and Actions before Administrative Courts against the decisions of Public Entities and Bodies (Ministries, Tax Offices, Employment Inspectors Body, Customs Authorities) or Municipal Entities
  • Expropriations

Commercial Law

  • Company Constitution and Branch of Foreign and Greek Companies Constitution
  • Negotiation and drafting of Commercial Agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of Commercial Lease Agreements
  • Registration and protection of Commercial Logos and Patents

European Law

  • Drafting of complaints addressed to the European Commission on European Law infringement cases
    (Specialization in the drafting of complaints on European Public Procurement Law infringements by the Greek Authorities)

Banking Law

  • General Terms and Conditions application,
  • Loan agreement terms
  • Consumer and Sensitive Data Protection

Criminal Law

  • Common offenses
  • “White collar” crime


  • Mediator services
  • Legal representation and assistance in Mediation proceedings