Our Law Office has been founded by Spyros Antonelos. Our Team is composed of experienced, intelligent and keen lawyers, having worked both in Greece and abroad, excelling, each, in their field of expertise. It provides consistently high quality services to Greek and foreign clients in a variety of fields.

Our Expertise covers a wide range of legal subjects such as traditional ones like Civil, Administrative, Commercial, E.U. and International Law as well as modern and specialised ones such as Banking Law, Consumer and Sensitive Data Protection. We pride ourselves for our strong expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution and our Mediation services.

Our aim is to build trusting, honest and long-lasting relationships with our clients, both individuals and companies, providing them with legal solutions shaped according to their specific needs. This is why we are highly committed both to acquiring an in depth knowledge of their particular legal problems and of their expectations and to meeting these expectations.

Our work philosophy is to be efficient without sacrificing quality and accuracy. We also consider that it is crucial to work along with our clients and to be accessible, allowing them to have a clear follow-up of the progress of their case at any stage.

Our corresponding offices in other countries and our affiliation to the “Proteus” network of law offices allow us not only to cover the legal needs of our domestic clients when they are situated abroad, but also, for foreign clients situated in Greece.

For further information on our expertise, our team, our services and address, do not hesitate to navigate in our site as well as to Contact us.